A patient service story

    At its core, HealthCPA exists to make patients’ lives better. We have seen what a huge difference our service can make in people’s lives, and we are passionate about helping as many patients and caregivers as possible. As a mission-driven company, our team thrives on providing the most responsive and compassionate customer service in the industry, and never loses sight of who we’re here to help  –  the patient.

    The story of HealthCPA began almost two decades ago when a small patient advocacy firm called Copay Solutions began providing specialized financial advocacy services directly to patients in the Midwestern US, with a particular focus on serving many members of the Illinois Retired Teachers Union. In 2009, veteran entrepreneurs and former Stanford Business School classmates, John Fowler and Joshua Greenberg recognized the great need for patient financial solutions in the US healthcare system more broadly, and facilitated a significant investment in the company to drive growth. Since that time, our team has been focused on building HealthCPA into the premier provider of Personal Healthcare Financial Management services in the US.

    As the business has grown, HealthCPA has continued to build proprietary technology that both facilitates an exceptional patient experience and enables scalable, secure growth across regions. This technology platform is increasingly seen as an asset by enterprise customers, including provider organizations and health plan sponsors, who understand that HealthCPA can delight patients and “lubricate” the revenue cycle at the same time. HealthCPA is now deploying its win-win solution for patients, providers and payors with a growing and diverse set of clients nationwide.​