Signing my own family up for HealthCPA was an easy decision. An even bigger win has been offering HealthCPA's services to my patients. They are getting their insurance billing problems solved without my office staff struggling to provide them with incomplete fixes. HealthCPA is a reliable, professional solution to a systemic problem that plagues anyone with health insurance and any medical office.”
    —Eric Swagel, MD, Private Medical
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    Grow Your Practice with HealthCPA’s ClaimHelper Service

    By helping patients capture their out-of-network benefits, HealthCPA increases practice revenue

    Many practices have chosen to avoid the overhead costs and red tape associated with insurance contracts and to collect from patients directly. In almost all cases, patients visiting these practices are not recouping any payments from their insurance plans, even if they have out-of-network benefits. That’s because submitting claims themselves is time-consuming and confusing, and often fruitless, because they lack the knowledge to submit claims properly, and the practice is not well equipped to help them.

    HealthCPA is a proven, patient-friendly alternative to providing patients with invoices to submit on their own.  

    We manage the whole process on behalf of your patients, from submitting claims to handling all insurance-related questions and securing the fastest and fullest reimbursement possible for every patient. By ensuring that patients receive reimbursement for their visits, HealthCPA reduces their effective out-of-pocket cost, thereby increasing their ability to schedule additional treatment as desired without exceeding their budget.  

    The benefits:

    • Convert more prospects and attract more patients by demonstrating lower costs. When a prospective patient calls and asks “Do you take insurance?” you now have a better answer for them than a flat “no”.
    • Increase retention, and the lifetime value of each patient. Over an extended period of care, a patient with an insurance plan with out-of-network benefits can expect to be reimbursed between 30-60% of their out-of-pocket costs, thus expanding their budget for care.
    • Reduce overhead – office staff will never have to print invoices or superbills, or help patients struggle through claims submissions
    • Differentiate from your competition
    • Delight your patients!


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