My HealthCPA Advocate has been simply outstanding and invaluable in sorting out and working through proper charges and payments for the myriad of medical bills from my pancreatic cancer surgery and treatment. I would have been at an absolute loss without her expertise and assistance!”
    —Larry C.
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    Increase Revenue... and Patient Satisfaction

    Patients using HealthCPA are more likely to pay their bills and are happier with their experience

    Faced with the increasing popularity of high deductible health plans, hospitals and health systems are forced to collect an increasingly large portion of their revenue directly from patients. However, faced with complex medical bills and confusing EOBs, patients often don’t pay any of their bills until they are sent to collections, even if they have the means to pay. As a result, health systems must find new ways to engage patients and help them understand their true financial obligations. By working one-on-one with patients in a proactive and down-to-earth manner, HealthCPA Advocates provide patients with the support they need to understand their bills and make payments with confidence knowing everything has been handled correctly.

    Providing patients with HealthCPA’s medical expense management service also improves their overall healthcare experience and leads to improved satisfaction scores. Each patient is assigned a Financial Advocate who reviews all of their medical bills and follows up to fix any billing issues or claim denials that arise. Patients are surprised and delighted by the concierge-level service and thrilled to hand off their bills and EOBs to an expert who can guide them through the morass.

    • After a HealthCPA Advocate has reviewed a bill, fixed any problems, and let the patient know it is “OK to pay”, over 80% of patient balances are paid

    • 100% of patients using the HealthCPA service report that it improved their hospital experience and their willingness to recommend the hospital


    Hospitals can expect a positive ROI when deploying HealthCPA

    HealthCPA has a measurable impact on the following metrics, all of which contribute to the bottom line:

    • Patient Payments – Once a HealthCPA Advocate has explained the bills and EOBs and fixed any issues, patients are more likely to pay their bills

    • Insurance Reimbursement – By following up on denials and underpayments on the patient’s behalf, HealthCPA increases overall insurance reimbursement

    • Competitive Differentiation and Patient Volume – Patients using HealthCPA are more likely to recommend their hospital to family and friends, and more likely to return for their future healthcare needs

    • HCAHPS and Medicare Reimbursement – HealthCPA improves the overall patient experience, thereby lifting HCAHPS scores and ensuring reimbursement from Medicare

    • Cost to Collect – Because HealthCPA Advocates educate patients and solve problems proactively, hospitals experience lower call volume and send fewer patient statements

    • Physician Relationships – The benefits of the HealthCPA service extend to all staff and affiliated physicians


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